You Can't Fix What You Can't See

Cyberattacks directed against small businesses are on the rise, and 60% of businesses that fall victim to a data breach close their doors within six months of the attack.

With just five minutes, we can help you keep that from ever becoming a reality for your business.


Security Meets Flexibility


Your employees are either your biggest vulnerability or your first line of defense.

CybrQ's remote, real-world training programs take moments to initiate and minutes to complete, blending seamlessly with employees' day-to-day responsibilities and activities and shoring up your security readiness with no impact to productivity.

Training Insights


If you want your personnel to become an active part of your cyber-defense, it’s critical that you track not only existing knowledge among your employees, but also engagement and willingness to learn.

CybrQ's metrics give you real-time input, allowing you to meet employees where they are and address gaps before it's too late.

Readiness, Redefined

Good cybersecurity training is no longer just for large corporations. Get CybrQ Awareness Training today, and start protecting your bottom line turning your employees from your weakest link to your first line of defense.

  • Hold your employees accountable for their cyber-awareness
  • Train better with constant feedback and reinforcement
  • Benchmark your organization both internally and externally.


Optimized for Small Business

CybrQ designs tools to work around the packed life of today's small business owner, which means the price is right, you're up and running in seconds, and there's no steep learning curve to worry about.



CybrQ myLearning 750 CHF one off

Up to 250 participants
20 questions

CybrQ myLearning 1500 CHF/yearly

Up to 250 Participants
20 Questions
Optional: Your own Content
12 Months Subscription